Before You Fu*ck Up, Remember Some Of Us Believe In Revenge: Bella Shmurda

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Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Bella Shmurda has taken to social media to reveal that not everyone accepts apology  just like some people, he believes in revenging. 

Bella Shmurda | Music In Africa

The singer stated this in his tweet, he issued a strong warning to those who might be thinking about messing up with him. 


Bella noted before you fuck up you should remember not everyone accept apology. 

The singer futher said he believe in revenging.

He wrote:

Before you fu*ck up remember, not everyone accept apology, some of us believe in revenge. HNM.

View the tweet below: 

Read some reactions sighted below:


You are a role Model act like one, not everybody understands from your perspective. Believe me, they are people who will definitely understand this tweet differently.


Don’t get mad, get even.


Bella, Vengance is of the lord. Abeg na Sunday be this.



This is for those that think they can get away will their wrong doings…be warned.


Hmmm. Learn how to forgive, it’s very important. Even God forgives us, who are we not to forgive. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have retain such persons in your life.You can forgive and cut off.

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