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In the heartland of Northern Nigeria, a shadowy figure looms large, casting a dark cloud over the lives of residents in Sokoto and Zamfara States. Mohammed Bello Kachalla, known by his alias Bello Turji, stands as one of the most wanted bandit kingpins in the region. Born in 1994 in Zamfara State, Kachalla’s life is shrouded in mystery, with scant information available about his early years and educational background.

Mohammed Bello  Notorious Activities:

Bello Turji has gained notoriety for his alleged involvement in terrorizing the Northern Nigerian populace. Operating primarily in Sokoto and Zamfara States, he has consistently rejected peace talks with the government, further escalating tensions in the region.

Mohammed Bello  Personal Details:

At the age of 28, Mohammed Bello Kachalla, a Hausa-Fulani by tribe, hails from a village in Zamfara State, Nigeria. Unmasking the man behind the alias, his real name is revealed to be Mohammed Bello Kachalla.

Mode of Operation:

Reports suggest that Turji is a relentless terrorizer, instilling fear among residents. His stronghold in Sokoto and Zamfara States has made him a formidable force, refusing peace talks and exacerbating the security challenges faced by the local population.

Financial Empire:

Beyond his reign of terror, Kachalla has amassed a significant fortune. Estimated to be between $400,000 and $500,000, his net worth is believed to be fueled by ransom payments from kidnapped victims. This financial incentive only serves to embolden his criminal activities.


  1. Q: What is Bello Turji’s real name? A: Mohammed Bello Kachalla is his real name.
  2. Q: Where was Bello Turji born? A: Bello Turji was born in 1994 in Zamfara State, Nigeria.
  3. Q: What is Bello Turji’s net worth? A: Mohammed Bello Kachalla’s net worth is estimated to be between $400,000 and $500,000, predominantly earned through ransom payments from kidnapped victims.


The tale of Mohammed Bello Kachalla, alias Bello Turji, paints a grim picture of the challenges faced by Northern Nigeria. As authorities continue their efforts to apprehend this notorious bandit kingpin, the residents of Sokoto and Zamfara States remain on edge, grappling with the ever-present threat to their safety and security.