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Berri Tiga, born on October 10, 2000, in Benue State, Nigeria, has rapidly climbed the ranks in the Nigerian music scene. From his early education in Benue State to earning a diploma in French at the French Village International College in Lagos State, Berri Tiga has now become a notable figure in the music industry. This blog post explores his journey, career highlights, personal life, and the recent controversy surrounding his hit song, “Machala.”

Berri Tiga’s Early Years and Education:

Berri Tiga’s roots trace back to Benue State, Nigeria, where he completed his primary and secondary education before pursuing a diploma in French at the prestigious French Village International College in Badagry, Lagos State.

Berri Tiga’s Career Beginnings:

In 2016, Berri Tiga embarked on his musical journey by creating cover songs of popular tracks and sharing them on social media platforms. His consistent efforts caught the attention of Big Brother Management (BBR) Record Label, leading to his signing in 2021. However, it wasn’t until 2022, with his appearance in Efe Carter’s hit song “Machala,” that Berri Tiga gained widespread recognition.

“Machala” and Controversy:

“Machala” quickly gained popularity, especially among Wizkid FC and music enthusiasts. The song debuted at number two on TurnTable Nigeria Top 100 and claimed the top spot on Apple Music Nigeria Top 100. Unfortunately, in August, the track was temporarily removed from streaming platforms due to a dispute over ownership and royalty sharing. Berri Tiga claimed he wasn’t given due credit, alleging a 70:30 royalty split violation. Efe Carter responded, asserting that Berri Tiga’s verse was intentionally removed.

Berri Tiga’s Personal Life:

Berri Tiga remains focused on his music career, with no public evidence of marriage or relationships. His dedication to his craft is evident through his commitment to musical excellence.


Berri Tiga has built an impressive discography, featuring tracks like “Fire,” “Jo,” “Machala,” “Nobody Badder,” “Angelina,” and “God.”

Berri Tiga’s Net Worth:

Berri Tiga’s net worth remains undisclosed.

Berri Tiga’s Social Media Presence:

Stay updated on Berri Tiga’s musical journey by following him on Instagram (@berri_tiga) and Twitter (@TigaBerri).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Q: When did Berri Tiga start his music career? A: Berri Tiga began recording music in 2016 by covering popular songs and sharing them on social media.
  2. Q: What led to the temporary removal of “Machala” from streaming platforms? A: A disagreement over song ownership and royalty sharing formula resulted in the temporary removal of “Machala” from streaming platforms.
  3. Q: Is Berri Tiga currently in a relationship? A: There is no public evidence of Berri Tiga being married or in a relationship.


Berri Tiga’s journey from covering songs on social media to making waves in the Nigerian music scene is a testament to his talent and dedication. Despite the controversy surrounding “Machala,” his passion for music continues to drive him forward in the industry. Follow Berri Tiga on his social media handles for the latest updates on his musical endeavors.