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Discover the remarkable journey of Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa, the visionary founder of the Celestial Church of Christ. Born on May 18, 1909, in Porto-Novo, Oshoffa’s life was a tapestry woven with mystical experiences, miraculous healings, and the establishment of a global spiritual community. Join us as we delve into the key events that shaped Oshoffa’s life, the foundation of the Celestial Church of Christ, and its expansion across West Africa and beyond.

Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa’s Early Life:

Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa’s early life was marked by a unique blend of cultural influences. Raised in a family that initially practiced traditional religions, his father’s conversion to Methodism and his mother’s objection to Christianity added layers to his spiritual upbringing. Despite the family’s affiliation with the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, young Oshoffa would carve his own path, destined for a divine calling.

The Divine Revelation:

In 1947, while working in the ebony trade, Oshoffa received a divine directive to establish a new church. Guided by a spiritual calling, he embarked on a journey into the forests, searching for a specific type of tree. Lost for three months, Oshoffa emerged with newfound gifts of healing and prophecy. His first miraculous act was the resurrection of his nephew, a feat that marked the beginning of a series of reported resurrections and miraculous healings.

The Growth of the Celestial Church of Christ:

From its humble beginnings in Benin in 1947, the Celestial Church of Christ rapidly expanded under Oshoffa’s leadership. By 1951, the church had gained a significant following. However, a minor conflict with the Benin government prompted Oshoffa to relocate the church to Nigeria in 1976. In Nigeria, the church flourished, overcoming initial resistance and gaining official recognition in 1958.

Oshoffa’s Death and Succession:

Tragically, on September 10, 1985, Oshoffa lost his life in a car accident in Lagos. His death posed challenges to the church’s leadership, leading to some confusion in succession. Eventually, Alexander Abiodun Adebayo Bada was appointed as Oshoffa’s successor by the church trustees. The Celestial Church of Christ continued to thrive, with Benoit D. Agbaossi later appointed by Porto-Novo as the leader of the global church.


  1. Q: How did Oshoffa establish the Celestial Church of Christ? A: In 1947, Oshoffa received a divine directive while working in the ebony trade, leading him to establish the Celestial Church of Christ.
  2. Q: Where was Oshoffa buried? A: Oshoffa was laid to rest at Celestial City, Imeko, following his passing in a car accident on September 10, 1985.
  3. Q: How did the church grow after relocating to Nigeria? A: The Celestial Church of Christ flourished in Nigeria, gaining millions of followers and official recognition in 1958.


Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa’s life is a testament to faith, resilience, and the power of divine calling. His legacy lives on through the Celestial Church of Christ, a spiritual community that continues to inspire and uplift millions across the globe. Join us in celebrating the centenary of Oshoffa’s birth and explore the enduring impact of his extraordinary journey.