“Billionaires Are Awake At 4am Grinding, Billionaires Don’t Sleep” — Rapper, King Joel

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King Joel a Nigerian rapper has shared some insights what it causes to be successful, revealing secret of most Billionaires.

King Joel made a post on his instagram page saying that billionaires do not sleep and that Billionaires are aways awake very early in the morning, working.

He wrote;

“Ask any millionaire u know. They don’t sleep 8hrs a day. Unless they’re older/retired or trustfund babies.

So it cracks me up when people claim they want success & they’re sleeping for 8 or more hours a day

Billionaires are awake at 4am, grinding & you’re there saying ‘I’m not a morning person’ okay”




@rmacaroni1:- Please sleep and rest well ooo. Na who get good Health go enjoy the money e work for ooo.

@krystal_sparkle0:- As Nigeria hard reach make person nor rest again. Wahala no too much?

@dessywearzcouture:- See this one ooo.. Na 4am be the problem na everybody for Lagos nor be billionaire

@purplebean_:- i’m a billionaire in my dreams for now. so pls, let me sleep.

@fola_loba:- When the Opportunity comes you will know say no one is lazy

@oyetola.tb:- Motivational speaker…👏👏last month I almost fell ill due to stress and lack of sleep..nah person wey dey alive go become millionaire…

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