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In the vibrant and eclectic world of Nigerian music, few artists have carved out a niche as distinct as Blackmagic. Born on April 21 and raised in Lagos State, Nigeria, this enigmatic artist hails from the culturally rich Delta State in the Niger Delta region. Blackmagic’s musical journey, marked by twists and turns, began to unfold during his years at the University of Benin, where he pursued a degree in computer science.

Blackmagic Early Years and Education

Blackmagic’s roots in Lagos laid the foundation for his education, spanning from elementary to secondary schooling at King’s College. However, it was in the city of Benin that his passion for music flourished. Despite his academic pursuits, his fascination with cameras and recording tools led him to showcase his musical interests, gaining recognition on the University of Benin campus.

The Birth of Blackmagic

Transitioning from campus fame to a professional career, Blackmagic, initially known as Ejay, took the bold step of leaving school to pursue his musical aspirations. In 2010, he joined Lynxxx’s Syndik8 label as a soul and Afrobeat performer. The year 2011 witnessed the release of his debut album, “Blackmagic 1.0,” featuring the hit single “Confam,” co-written with Sasha P. His breakthrough came with the 2013 single “Repete,” establishing him as a pioneer in Nigeria’s alternative music scene.

Evolution of a Maverick

Leaving Syndik8 records marked a transformative period for Blackmagic, prompting a shift in stage names from Ejay Blackmagic to simply Blackmagic. In 2013, he founded his record company, Based on Belief, emphasizing his commitment to authenticity and independence in the music industry.

Blackmagic Musical Legacy and Collaborations

Blackmagic’s discography reflects a diverse musical palette, featuring chart-toppers like “Sorry” (2021), “Anything for Love” (2019), and the 2021 album “Something for The Pies.” Collaborations with industry heavyweights such as Olamide, Adekunle Gold, and Seyi Shey solidify his influence as a trailblazer in the alternative music scene.

The Private Persona

While Blackmagic has etched his name in the annals of Nigerian music, his personal life remains a well-guarded secret. Beyond the stage, much about his relationships and private affairs remains undisclosed.

Discography Snapshot


  • “Tomorrow” (2010)
  • “Repete” (2012)
  • “No Need” (2018)
  • “Anything for Love” (2019)


  • “Version 1.0” (2011)
  • “Version 3.0” (2020)

Blackmagic Awards and Accolades

Blackmagic’s talent has not gone unnoticed, with his 2013 Headies award for Best Alternative Song (“Repete”) marking a significant milestone in his career.

Blackmagic Net Worth and Social Media Presence

Estimates place Blackmagic’s net worth at $900,000. For those seeking a glimpse into his life, his Instagram handle is @ejayblackmagic, while his Twitter handle is @ejayblackmagic.


  1. Why did Blackmagic leave Syndik8 records? Blackmagic’s departure from Syndik8 records was a strategic move to pursue greater independence in his music career. This led to the establishment of his record company, Based on Belief.
  2. What is Blackmagic’s most acclaimed song? “Repete,” released in 2013, stands out as one of Blackmagic’s most celebrated songs, earning him the Best Alternative Song award at the 2013 Headies.
  3. How can I stay updated on Blackmagic’s activities? To follow Blackmagic’s journey and updates, you can find him on Instagram (@ejayblackmagic) and Twitter (@ejayblackmagic).