Bobrisky has been deceiving us – These Pictures revealed he never did any Chest Surgery

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In this Computer age of social media, many should learn that it is not everything that appears on Social Media that is true.

So many things are going wrong in our world now. Before now there was nothing like lesbianism, Gay, Transgender, Cross-dressing before. Then if anyone tries to dress in the opposite gender you will be severely punished.

But, in this computer age, many people are proud to address themselves as Gay, Lesbians amongst others. Some people will even go as far as dressing like a woman when they are naturally a man. People like James Brown, Bob Risky amongst others are proud of cross-dressing. A Man will put on female clothe like gown and skirt comfortably and walk in the street. All these started from the so called developed countries but is becoming rampant in Nigeria.

One of the most famous cross-dressers in the country is Bob risky. He has been seen dressing like a woman and  wants people to address him as a woman which is very absurd. Some people think Bob Risky has completely changed his gender to that of a female through surgery. 

But the truth is that Bob risky never did any surgery on his chest. He is still a man but just loves dressing like a woman. The truth which has now being exposed after a closer look at his pictures is that he is always wearing artificial chest.

See the picture that will prove that below:


This is an example of the artificial chest he probably wears


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