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Bola Are, born on October 1, 1954, in the serene town of Erio, Ekiti State, Nigeria, emerged as a prominent figure in the world of gospel music. Her remarkable journey, deeply rooted in faith and passion for ministry, has left an indelible mark on the hearts of many. Let’s explore the early life, education, career, and impactful contributions of this spirited singer.

Evangelist Bola Early Life & Education:

Bola Are’s musical journey began at a tender age, as she was trained by influential figures in the Christ Apostolic Church, including Apostle Ayodele Babalola, Prophet Babajide, Prophet Akande, and Prophet T.O. Obadare. Her childhood was marked by spending time on the mountain, drawing inspiration from the Holy Spirit. Bola Are’s educational path led her through Christ Apostolic Church Primary School and Christ Apostolic Church Grammar School in Ekiti State. Although she initially pursued a diploma in accounting at The Polytechnic, Ibadan, her passion for singing ministry prompted her to defer her academic pursuits.

Evangelist Bola Personal Life:

In 1977, Bola Are married the late Pastor J.O Are and was blessed with children who, following in their mother’s footsteps, became singers and musicians. Celebrating 40 years on stage in 2013, Bola Are’s personal and family life has been intertwined with her profound musical calling.

Evangelist Bola Career:

Bola Are, a self-proclaimed “born singer,” commenced her musical journey at an early age. In 1973, she founded the music band “Bola and Her Spiritual Singers” and released her debut album, “Baba Ku Ise,” in August 1977. Over the years, Evangelist Bola Are has released more than seventy albums, showcasing her powerful vocals and unwavering commitment to gospel music.

Evangelist Bola Foundations:

Driven by a desire to give back, Bola Are established the Bola Are & her Spiritual Covenant Gospel Singers International in 1973, laying the foundation for her outreach ministry, the Bola Are Gospel Foundation International, in 1995. Additionally, the Bola Are School of Gospel Music International, founded in 1990, guides gospel musicians in the ways of the Lord.


Bola Are’s discography is a testament to her prolific career, with albums spanning from 1965 to the present. Notable releases include “Anointed Praise,” “Baba Kuse,” “Lion of Judah,” and “Power in Praise.” These albums reflect her deep spiritual connection and dedication to spreading the message of faith through music.

Evangelist Bola Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Evangelist Bola Are on Instagram at @evangbolaare for updates on her musical journey and ministry.


Q: When did Bola Are start her music career? A: Bola Are began singing at an early age, and she officially started her music career in 1973 when she formed the band “Bola and Her Spiritual Singers.”

Q: How many albums has Bola Are released? A: As of 2014, Evangelist Bola Are has released over seventy albums, showcasing her prolific musical career.

Q: What is the purpose of the Bola Are Gospel Foundation International? A: The foundation, established in 1995, aims to cater to the needs of the less privileged in Nigeria, reflecting Bola Are’s commitment to philanthropy and community service.