British Man Hails Portable After Recognising Him On The Streets of London

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Portable was spotted in the streets of London by a man we assumed was British, where the Nigerian musician had arrived for his debut gig outside the country.

The very thrilled man pulled over and exchanged pleasantries with the musician, who was equally overjoyed to be recognized.

The white man, who is most likely a major admirer of Nigerian music and Portable, inquired about a friend of the singer known as EJay, to which Portable replied that he is present. Before the man drove away, they exchanged a few more words.

Portable excitedly shared the video of the brief encounter with the man by writing;

”ZAzuu in Birmingham City Caspian pizza 🍕 We Cruising Bizza Bizza if you get money chop life he get why.”

Watch Video Below: