Broda Shaggi opens up: Why I stopped professing love for DJ Cuppy

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Samuel Perry, also known as Broda Shaggi, a Nigerian skit creator, has revealed why he quit proclaiming love for DJ Cuppy in his skits.

During a live Hip TV show, the comic revealed that he no longer refers to DJ Cuppy as his love interest because his content has matured.

He said,

“It was part of the content when I started that time but now content has evolved. We have moved to another content.”

Broda Shaggi went on to say that he had taken up the profession as a full-time employment for himself.


“I have taken this as my 24-7 job. Every time I create content, I create my time to plan the shoot. No time. I don’t go out that much. I am more of an indoor person. I don’t club, not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just my person.

“My home inspires me. I live alone, I get inspiration when I am alone and most of the time when I am alone you just see me laughing. I live alone, jot things down, and write stories,” he said.