“Bury Your Son In Your House And Make Sure You Don’t Leave Chioma” – 50-year-old Woman Advises Davido (VIDEO)

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Davido, a singer and grieving father, has been asked to bury his deceased son Ifeanyi in their home by a Tiktok user going by the name Gloria Amegbor.

Gloria begged the musician and Chioma, his mother, to take her advise so they could pay tribute to their son’s memory with flowers during his funeral.

Gloria persuaded Davido to wed Chioma, a past baby mom and her engaged fiancée.

In her words:

“Davido, I’m a 50 years grown ass woman. I want to advise you, look at me sexy, look at me, I got it all. Davido I wannna advise you. Bury your son in that house. make sure you bury your son in that house so that all those useless articles of you having plenty baby mama.

“If they bring all their kids, their kids will know that that boy is still the next king. Make your boy proud. Bury him. Bury your son, don’t allow anybody. only you and your family to bury that boy don’t even make it public.

“Don’t let people know that you buried your son. Let them talk whatever they want to talk because you’ve given it all. You showed him that you love him, innocent soul is gone but I’m telling you, you and Chioma, don’t leave Chioma.

“Now make Chioma to born boy a lot. now get Chioma pregnant. I know by this time your d*ck cannot even rise. Chioma p**** self cannot be wet if you like go look for somebody make e carry your pikin for you I dey tell you. I’m a 50 years old woman”.

Watch video below:



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