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Meet Charles Okocha, the renowned Nigerian movie actor and comedian, born on the 5th of July 1976 to the Okocha family. Also known as Igwe Tupac or Igwe 2Pac, Charles, at 35 years old, is currently enjoying the peak of his career and personal life.

Charles Okocha Early Life:

Charles Okocha, born to Mr. and Mrs. Okocha, has become a household name in the Nigerian entertainment industry. His journey into Nollywood began in 2001, and it wasn’t long before he gained fame, thanks to the success of the blockbuster movie, “Wasted Years.”

Charles Okocha Family Life:

Despite his busy career, Charles Okocha is a family man. He is happily married and blessed with three children. Both his professional and personal life seem to be thriving, reflecting a well-rounded and contented individual.

Charles Okocha Career Milestones:

With over 100 movies to his credit, Charles Okocha has made a significant impact in Nollywood. Some notable films include “Wasted Years” (2001), “Sand Castle” (2017), “Strong Men at Work” (2007), “Blood in the Lagoon” (2015), and “World of the Mind” (2012). These movies showcase his versatility and talent in the industry.

Charles Okocha Social Media Presence:

For fans who want to stay connected with Charles and his activities, he can be found on various social media platforms. Follow him on Instagram at @Charles_Okocha, and on Facebook and YouTube under the name Charles Okocha.

Charles Okocha Net Worth:

As one of the most popular and influential figures in the Nigerian movie and comedy scene, Charles Okocha’s net worth is estimated to be an impressive $500,000 thousand. This is a testament to his success and recognition in the entertainment industry.


Q: When did Charles Okocha join Nollywood? A: Charles Okocha joined Nollywood in 2001 and quickly rose to fame.

Q: How many children does Charles Okocha have? A: Charles Okocha is blessed with three children.

Q: What is Charles Okocha’s net worth? A: Charles Okocha’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000 thousand.


Charles Okocha, aka Igwe 2Pac, stands out as a celebrated figure in Nigerian entertainment. His journey from humble beginnings to becoming a successful actor and comedian is truly inspiring. With a flourishing career, a happy family, and a strong social media presence, Charles continues to be a prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene.