Chomzy Bbnaija Biography, Net worth, Cars, Social Media Handle

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Chomzy is a BBNaija Season 7 housemate. Big Brother Naija TV show is Chomzy’s chance to become wealthy and well-known.

“I want my business to succeed, and I also want to find love.” Entrepreneur, BBNaija Chomzy describes the personality she will bring to the ‘Level Up’-themed seventh season of Big Brother Naija in 2022.

Chomzy Bbnaija Biography

Esther Chioma Ndubueze, better known by her stage name Chomzy, is a 22-year-old businesswoman who enjoys doing simple things like sewing, traveling, and twerking. She considers herself a resourceful and fervent people-person and despises spies and betrayeders.


Full Name Esther Chioma Ndubueze
Birth 2000
State of Origin Imo
Occupation Dancer, entrepreneur, model, fashion designer
Yearly salary $15,000

Chomzy, who was born in Lagos State but is originally from IMO State, claimed to have the best family in the entire world. “My dad is in Gabon, and my mom and siblings are all in Nigeria. I’m everyone’s favorite, but my family gets along great and loves each other, she says with a smile. Despite being single, this firecracker is ready for love when it comes along.

Chomzy’s modeling and pageant experiences, as well as the numerous honors she has received for her charitable and academic endeavors, have contributed to some of her proudest moments.

Chomzy’s chance to become wealthy and well-known is through Big Brother Naija. “I want my business to succeed, and I also want to find love.”

Chomzy Bbnaija Career

Chomzy is a natural-born entrepreneur who dabbles in a variety of endeavors, but pageantry and modeling are more of her full-time occupation. She is also a dancer and a fashion designer.

Chomzy Bbnaija’s Income

Chomzy is one of the youngest contestants in the Big Brother Naija house, but that hasn’t stopped her from participating in the experience. With an estimated net worth of $15,000, she tops the list of the richest housemates. Chomzy is a fashion designer and model based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Chomzy BBNaija Net Worth

Chomzy’s net worth is not yet available online but will be updated once the information is available.

Chomzy Bbnaija Cars

Since Chomzy Bbnaija’s net worth is over $10,000, we don’t know for sure if she owns a personal car at this time, but we do think she can afford any car of her choosing.

Chomzy Bbnaija Social Media

Social media is used by Chomzy BBNaija. You can follow her on any of these social media accounts if you’re a big fan;

Instagram: @thechomzy
Twitter: @thechomzy
Facebook: TheChomzy
TikTok: @thechomzy