Chrisland School: “It’s just S£x I’m a big girl” – CCTV Captures What Really Happened In Dubai Hotel

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In a new follow-up to the viral Chrisland School Dubai s£x tape, a woman identified as Adaure has revealed that the Close Circuit Television (CCTV) footage of everything that happened in the Dubai hotel where the team stayed has been made available to the parents, the school authorities and other stakeholders.

Adaure wrote:

I’m just going to keep it at these points and not say more. The boys and girls were not kept in the same room. They were not even on the same floor. There are 3 students in each room.

Matter is being handled before now by the police , child right protection , the school’s PTA representative. There is a recorded panel which involved the parents of the affected kids, and also the PTA representative, the Lagos state police and officials from Lagos child right services.

This incident happened in March this year while on a competition in Dubai. Chrisland has the CCTV footage of everything that happened in that hotel in Dubai.

Haven”t see ther video, link below:


Watch The Video Here

The parents of these kids have also seen this footage hence the suspension. The teachers take turns to check on them at night CCTV showed this in the panel.

Information has it that: She had s£x with just that boy no other boy she said this herself in the interview. Her parents were there too with the authorities present in that panel.

There was a boy sleeping in that video it was that boy that reported saying they are doing nonsense in his room. When they came to warn her ,She replied saying “what it’s just S£x I’m a big girl.

The Lagos state police has this particular video. The girl’s parents have been following through with the school and authorities until someone linked them to Instagram celebrities.

“There is no where in the videos they have that it showed the girl being involved with another boy. It as just that boy so they are wondering what brought about the rape twist. During the panel the kids confirmed including the girl that it was just she and the boy. Their parents were there including her mom.

There is also no trace of drugs or giving her any substance… Even though we can’t say 100%. The kids made the video for entertainment sake to be shared amongst themselves until someone leaked it online.mLemme stop here the stories are deafening. …..

Please before you quote and write epistles know that this case is already in the police and child rights services they have been privy to all of these before now. They have all the videos from Dubai and the recordings from the panel.

“We really have to do our best as parents For me its better that I did everything I could yet the kids chose to do otherwise than I didn’t do enough. May God help us as parents as we train this hyper active super intelligent kids God gave us.”