Comedian Julius Agwu and Wife’s Marriage Hits The Rock After 14 Years

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The marriage of comedian Julius Agwu and his wife allegedly ended after 14 years.

Julius Agwu, a veteran Nigerian comedian, and his wife, Ibiere Maclayton, are reported to be no longer a pair after reports of their divorce surfaced online.

According to various online stories, Ibiere has reverted to her maiden name and relocated to another country with her two children, Zahra and Zadok.

According to a person close to the pair, “she took care of him for a while, but there were cracks in the partnership.”

Maybe she got bored of the current situation—cash flow wasn’t as good as it used to be when Agwu was ridiculously wealthy and healthy.

She must have grown bored of the situation and abandoned Agwu, who isn’t as fit as he used to be.”

Remember that in 2015, the ace comedian was diagnosed with brain tumors, one of which was said to be the size of a golf ball. In May of 2008, the pair married.

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