Cubana Chiefpriest Makes It Rain Cash As Rick Ross Performs In Lagos | Nigerians Scramble to Pick Money

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Rick Ross, a popular American rapper, no sure had a memorable Easter in Lagos, where he celebrated with Nigerians.

On the night of April 14, 2022, the music sensation took to the stage at an Easter celebration at the Eko Hotel.

Rick Ross entered the stage at the event, and while performing one of his hit songs, Blowing Money Fast, Nigerian socialite Cubana Chiefpriest showered the American rapper with cash.

Several crisp naira notes began to flutter through the air as Chiefpriest continued to dispense them while Rozay performed.

After a while, Rick Ross replied to the gesture by pulling money from his pockets and throwing it in every direction of the standing throng.

Following Chiefpriest and Rick Ross’ display of riches at the event, numerous guests were observed scurrying to pick up as many currency notes as possible. This produced a minor disruption in the crowd, especially after it appeared that a brief fight had broken out due to the money.

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