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Meet Dandy Jackson Chukwudi, a trailblazing entrepreneur and influential blogger hailing from Umuekegwu in Isiala-ngwa South local government area of Abia State, Nigeria. Born in Aba on November 29th, 2002, Dandy is the first and only son of his parents, with his father being a prominent oil mogul in the region. Beyond his family background, Jackson is making waves as a successful blogger, publicist, media influencer, and pageant personality in the Nigerian social media landscape.

Dandy Jackson Chukwudi’s  Early Life and Education:

Dandy’s educational journey began at Nizar Models School in Aba for his primary education, and he later attended Global Kids International Schools, Umuoru, for his secondary education. His exceptional academic prowess earned him the title of ‘Best Commercial Student’ during his secondary school years.

Dandy Jackson Chukwudi’s  Career Beginnings:

At the age of 16, Jackson ventured into the world of blogging by creating “Author Chukz Novel,” a personal blog showcasing his stories and leisure content. Despite initial setbacks, his determination led him to co-create “Nuella Blog” with a friend and cousin. However, it faced challenges in the long run.

InstaNovella Success:

Turning adversity into opportunity, at the age of 17, Dandy became the co-founder and CEO of InstaNovella, a global reading website in Nigeria. Today, InstaNovella stands as a testament to Dandy’s resilience and vision, emerging as a successful platform for readers globally.

Dandy Jackson Chukwudi’s  Career Achievements:

Dandy Jackson Chukwudi’s impact extends beyond the digital realm. Recognized as one of the top influencers in Nigeria by FirstOne Media Nigeria, he has met with political figures and high-profile personalities from various sectors. Described as one of the top Igbo entrepreneurs in Eastern Nigeria, Jackson has garnered accolades such as being named among “11 African Entrepreneurs Changing the Business Landscape” by Expect NG and making the “Top 10 Nigerian Bloggers in 2020” list by FirstOne Media. Additionally, InfoEast recognized him as one of the “Top 10 Igbo Entrepreneurs in 2020.”

Dandy Jackson Chukwudi’s  Personal Life:

As the only son of his parents, Dandy Jackson Chukwudi remains rooted in his Isiala-ngwa South heritage. His passion for storytelling and media led him to pursue a career that allows him to express his natural talents in hunting, packaging, and disseminating compelling narratives.

Dandy Jackson Chukwudi’s  Net Worth and Recognition:

While Dandy’s exact net worth remains undisclosed, his impact on the Nigerian business and blogging landscape is undeniable. His success story has been acknowledged by reputable organizations, further solidifying his position as a leading figure in the social media entrepreneurship sphere.


  1. What inspired Dandy Jackson Chukwudi to enter the world of blogging?
    • Dandy’s journey into blogging began at the age of 16, driven by a natural passion for storytelling.
  2. Tell us about Dandy’s educational background.
    • Dandy attended Nizar Models School for his primary education and later pursued his secondary education at Global Kids International Schools, Umuoru.
  3. What challenges did Dandy face in his blogging career?
    • Initially, his personal blogs faced setbacks, but these experiences led him to co-found InstaNovella, which proved to be a successful venture.
  4. What accolades has Dandy received in his career?
    • Dandy has been recognized as one of the “Top 10 Nigerian Bloggers in 2020” by FirstOne Media and named among the “Top 10 Igbo Entrepreneurs in 2020” by InfoEast.


Dandy Jackson Chukwudi’s story is one of resilience, innovation, and success, showcasing the power of determination in the dynamic world of digital entrepreneurship.