Davido Toyed With Nigerians’ Emotions by Promising to Share N20m – Daniel Regha

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Daniel Regha, a Nigerian social media commentator, has once again chastised superstar singer Davido for his N20 million giveaway promise.

The Twitter user accused Davido of playing with Nigerians’ emotions by promising to share money that he knew he would not deliver.

According to Regha, the DMW founder did it solely for clout and attention, which is why he has gone silent now that he has gotten what he desired.

Toying with other people’s emotions is a character flaw, according to the young man, who went on to call on the music star to ‘clear his debt.’

He tweeted;

”Davido is yet to fulfil his N20m giveaway promise. He made the announcement, got the clout & then went silent knowing fully well that people are anxiously awaiting for the money; Toying with people’s emotions is a character flaw. He should clear his debts by disbursing the N20m.

See his post: