Destiny Etiko In Tears As She Compares Childhood Home With Where She Lives Now

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Destiny Etiko, a popular actress, sat down in prayer to God as she remembered and thought on where she and her family used to reside versus where she and her family now dwell.

It may be remembered that the actress gave herself a newly equipped mansion for her 32nd birthday a few months ago.

The actress wept on her verified Instagram profile as she reflected on her childhood home and the current one she constructed for herself.

According to the actress, her family had to hope every day that no rain would fall because their rooms would be flooded due to a leaking roof.

Sharing photos of ‘before and after,’ she wrote;

Had a recap of my growing up this morning and I literally broke down in tears and yes I have every reason to be grateful to God.

We always prayed that rain shouldn’t come cos once it does….our roof would take off and our rooms would be filled with water, the roof licks (uncontrollably)
But today, God has not just blessed me but has wiped the tears from my mother’s eyes


NEVER GIVE UP Keep working hard and with prayers…God will perfect your story one day

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