Emanuella Features in Australian Action Drama ‘Survive Or Die’ Making International Film Debut

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Mark Angel’s Emanuella Samuel popularly known as Emanuella has made her first international feature film debut in Australian award-winning action drama ‘Survive Or Die’.

Emanuella Hits Facebook Milestone

Shot in Australia in 2018 ‘Survive Or Die’ follows the story of Shade, a 16-year-old refugee whose escape from her war-torn African country lands her in a remote and uninhabited part of Australia. She must reach civilization whilst fighting for her life in the harsh terrain and from a hunter on a quest for revenge over the death of his son.

Taking to his instagram page producer Daniel Okoduwa reveiled the inspiration behind the production.

Daniel Okoduwa shared;

 “Millions of people are displaced across the globe. Many are trapped in wastelands and dead lands; many more have drowned in the seas while fleeing conflict zones.



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