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Eniola Mafe, a distinguished Nigerian entrepreneur, has made waves in the business world as the co-founder of The Women Collective (TWC) and the innovative platform SecureFarmer.com. Born on April 16, 1985, in Nigeria, Mafe’s journey reflects a unique blend of Nigerian-Yoruba heritage and international exposure.

Eniola Mafe’s  Education:

Raised partly in the United States and the United Kingdom, Mafe pursued her higher education at Spelman College. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Relations in 2007, she further honed her skills at Georgetown University, earning a Master’s degree in Business and Diplomacy. Mafe continued her academic pursuits, completing a second Master’s degree in Advanced Global Leadership (Organizational Leadership) between 2018 and 2020.

Multilingual Expertise:

Fluent in Yoruba, English, French, German, and Spanish, Mafe’s linguistic prowess is a testament to her background in International Relations, positioning her as a global influencer.

Eniola Mafe’s  Early Career and Achievements:

Recognized as one of the 99 most influential foreign policy leaders under 33 in 2012, Mafe co-founded SecureFarmer.com, a startup focused on providing land access to smallholder farmers. Her impact extends to co-founding The Women Collective (TWC) and active involvement in initiatives like “The New Nigeria Movement,” born out of the EndSARS protest in 2020. Mafe’s dedication earned her a spot on Okay Africa’s 100 Women In Africa List in 2018.

Eniola Mafe’s  Personal Life:

Eniola Mafe, at 37, remains unmarried, though reports suggest she is engaged to Nigerian singer MI Abaga, adding a touch of glamour to her personal life.

Eniola Mafe’s  Net Worth and Future Updates:

As of now, Mafe’s net worth remains undisclosed. Stay tuned for updates on this remarkable entrepreneur’s financial standing in the future.


  1. How old is Eniola Mafe?
    • Eniola Mafe is currently 37 years old.
  2. Is Eniola Mafe married?
    • No, she is not legally married, but reports indicate she is engaged to Nigerian singer MI Abaga.
  3. What languages does Eniola Mafe speak?
    • Eniola Mafe is fluent in Yoruba, English, French, German, and Spanish.
  4. What initiatives is she involved in?
    • Eniola Mafe co-founded SecureFarmer.com and The Women Collective (TWC). She is also a member of “The New Nigeria Movement.”


Eniola Mafe’s journey from international education to entrepreneurial success showcases her commitment to making a positive impact. Keep an eye on this influential figure, as her story continues to unfold on both the local and global stages.