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Esther’s educational journey started at an undisclosed primary school before she proceeded to Kessup Girls Secondary School. She furthered her studies at the University of Nairobi, earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Her commitment to academic excellence led her to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at the same prestigious institution.

Esther Koimett’s  Career Highlights:

With over 25 years of experience in public service, Esther has held significant roles, including serving as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Information. Her career also includes a noteworthy tenure as the Managing Director of the Kenya Post Office Savings Bank. Esther’s expertise extends to investment promotion, public enterprise reform, and privatization, where she has dedicated 18 years of her professional life.

Board Memberships:

Esther Koimett’s influence extends to several corporate boards, reflecting her commitment to contributing to the growth and development of key sectors. She currently serves as a board member for prominent entities such as the Kenya Reinsurance Corporation, Tourism Promotion Services, Kenya Railways Corporation, Kenya Airways, Kenya Commercial Bank Group, Housing Finance Group of Kenya, Mumias Sugar Company Limited, Kenya Electricity Generating Company, Safaricom, Telkom Kenya Limited, and The African Trade Insurance Agency.

Esther Koimett’s  Personal Life:

Beyond her illustrious career, Esther is a family woman, blessed with a loving family of four children. Her ability to balance a successful career with personal commitments underscores her dedication to both professional and personal spheres.

Esther Koimett Net Worth:

While specific details about Esther Koimett’s net worth are currently under review, her financial standing undoubtedly reflects her achievements and contributions to the public and financial sectors. Stay tuned for updates as we gather more information.

Esther Koimett’s  Social Media Presence:

Keep up with Esther Koimett on Twitter, where she shares insights and updates on her professional journey. Follow her @estherkoimett for the latest updates.


Q: What is Esther Koimett’s educational background? A: Esther graduated from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and later obtained her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the same institution.

Q: How long has Esther Koimett been involved in public service? A: Esther boasts over 25 years of experience in public service, with roles ranging from Permanent Secretary to Managing Director.

Q: In which companies does Esther Koimett serve on the board? A: Esther is a board member of several prominent companies, including Kenya Airways, Safaricom, and Kenya Commercial Bank Group, among others.


Esther Koimett’s journey from Tambach, Kenya, to becoming a key figure in public service and finance is nothing short of inspiring. Her dedication to excellence, both in her career and personal life, serves as a testament to her remarkable achievements. As we await updates on her net worth, Esther continues to make significant contributions to the growth and development of various sectors in Kenya. Follow her on Twitter for the latest updates and insights into her professional journey.