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Meet Faith Oyedepo, a woman of grace and influence, born on February 5, 1958, into the Akano family as Florence Abiola Akano. Before her marriage to Bishop David Oyedepo in 1982, she pursued her education, laying the foundation for her impactful journey. Today, she stands as an integral part of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, known as Winners’ Chapel, a beacon of hope and empowerment.

Faith Oyedepo Education:

Completing her primary and secondary education, Faith Oyedepo ventured into the University of Ile-Ife. Her academic journey paved the way for her calling as a minister of God, a role she embraced wholeheartedly after graduation.

Ministry and Mission:

Joined in ministry with her husband, Bishop David Oyedepo, Faith received a divine mandate in 1981 to impact lives globally. Her focus on family and home ministry has been unwavering, revealing the perfect will of God for homes and relationships. Additionally, she has a unique mission to enrich the lives of singles.

Global Impact:

Together with her husband, Faith spreads the Good News of Jesus Christ worldwide, liberating the oppressed. Her commitment extends to strengthening family units through various mediums, including books and media outlets, establishing her as an authority in family, youth, and women empowerment.

Educational Achievements:

Faith Oyedepo serves as the Chancellor of Covenant University and, alongside her husband, has spearheaded the establishment of quality educational institutions, including Covenant University, Landmark University, Crown University (under construction), Faith Academy, and Kingdom Heritage Model School.

Notable Books:

Her literary contributions include impactful books such as “Raising Godly Children,” “Understanding Womanhood,” “Success in Marriage,” “Marriage Covenant,” and “The Healing Scriptures.” Notably, her personal experiences, including health challenges, are candidly shared in her book, “Rescued from Destruction.”

Philanthropy and Foundation:

Actively involved in the charity work of her husband’s foundation, Faith plays a pivotal role in alleviating the plight of the less privileged in Africa. The foundation awards scholarships and grants to those willing to pursue education, with Covenant and Landmark Universities actively participating in this philanthropic effort.

Faith Oyedepo Personal Life:

Faith Oyedepo’s journey in ministry and marriage began in the early 1980s when she and Bishop David Oyedepo met at a motor park. Their union has blessed them with four children: David Jr., Isaac, Love, and Joyce.

Lifestyle and Impact:

Through practical living and deep spiritual insight, Faith has become a model for replicable lifestyles. She believes that homes can be the Eden that God intended, inspiring many to follow suit in creating harmonious households.

Faith Oyedepo Net Worth and Ministry:

Jointly with her husband, Bishop David Oyedepo, Faith has a net worth exceeding $150 million. Their ministry owns private jets and buildings worldwide, showcasing their commitment to spreading the message of God.

Overcoming Challenges:

Faith Oyedepo faced a significant health challenge, an experience that renewed her passion and zeal to impact the world. Her triumphant journey is vividly captured in her book, “Rescued from Destruction.”

Faith Oyedepo Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Faith Oyedepo on Instagram (@officialfaithoyedepo) and Twitter (@FaithOyedepo) for more insights into her inspirational journey.


Q1: How did Faith Oyedepo and Bishop David Oyedepo meet? A1: They met at a motor park while Faith was still a student at the University of Ife, and Bishop David Oyedepo was a student at Kwara Polytechnic.

Q2: What are some of Faith Oyedepo’s notable books? A2: Some of her notable books include “Raising Godly Children,” “Understanding Womanhood,” “Success in Marriage,” and “Rescued from Destruction.”

Q3: What is the focus of Faith Oyedepo’s ministry? A3: Faith Oyedepo’s ministry primarily focuses on family and home, revealing the perfect will of God for homes and relationships.