Fan Writes An Open Letter To Wizkid About His Music Career – READ DETAILS

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A fan of Wizkid who just won a Grammy Award has taken to his Intagram handle to write an open letter to Wizkid regarding his Music Career.

In the Letter this fan of Wizkid identified as Dafah wants Wizkid to help him promote his Music. In the letter he narrated how he lost his father and how life has been hard for him and his remaining family members. He went further to add that Wizkid Music helped him recover from depression of his father’s death.


AN OPEN LETTER TO @wizkidayo October 1st, 2016. I lost my dad leaving me with only my mother and my junior sis. it was such a depressing time for me I cried every night, not that we were very close but I couldn’t picture my young mom a widow, and my sister without a father”.

I tried to be strong for them. I was young but I had to, I started finding a purpose like searching for something (a talent, maybe) I tried football it didn’t work lol then I went to music I listened to a lot of hip-hop from Eminem to drake but then there was one artist that man….

Managed to fuse both Afrobeat and hip-hop together and that was wizkid, I started watching his freestyles, listened to his song on my Motorola phone then his songs just connected to me on a different level. Come 2017 when come closer dropped and that was my favorite song”

I played the song over and over till I knew everything bit. I started getting confident in my everyday activity. I loved how wizkid spoke about loving God and parents and the way he did that was just different. one day my phone was nabbed by bad boys my sweet Motorola…

“It was gone ahhh, I cried and cried. I knew no one was gonna get me a new phone so I took all the pain and turned it into a passion. “I was like if Wizkid can make my life I should be able to do that”. i started writing raps ‘ cause I didn’t know I had a decent singing voice.




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