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Discover the remarkable life and achievements of Babafemi Adeyemi Osofisan, a distinguished Nigerian playwright, poet, novelist, and academic. From his early years in the village of Erunwon to a stellar career in academia and the world stage, Osofisan’s impact on African literature is profound.

Femi Osofisan’s  Early Life and Education:

Babafemi Adeyemi Osofisan was born on June 16, 1946, in Erunwon, Ogun State, Nigeria. His roots trace back to a family of artists and artisans, evident in the name “Osofisan,” reflecting a heritage dedicated to the god of beauty and ornamentation. Osofisan’s educational journey began at Ife Primary School and Government College in Ibadan, followed by a major in French at the University of Ibadan. His academic pursuits took him to the University of Dakar and the Sorbonne in Paris, shaping his multifaceted approach to literature.

Femi Osofisan’s  Career:

Osofisan embarked on his career as a lecturer at the University of Ibadan, ascending to the position of a full professor before retiring in 2011. Notably, he continued to contribute to the academic realm as a Distinguished Professor of Theatre Arts at Kwara State University. His influence extended beyond the classroom, as he served as the General Manager and Chief Executive of the National Theatre in Lagos and as the President of PEN, Nigeria. Osofisan’s plays have not only been widely produced in Nigeria but also showcased in numerous countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, France, and South Africa.

Femi Osofisan’s  Writing Career:

With over 60 plays, five poetry collections, and four novels, Osofisan’s literary legacy is vast. He received the first Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) literature award in 1983 for “Morountodun and Other Plays” and continued to amass accolades, including the Western Nigeria Broadcasting Service Prize and the prestigious Neustadt Prize nomination. Notably, he has explored adaptations of classic works, such as “Women of Owu” from “The Trojan Women” by Euripides, showcasing his versatility and depth.

Femi Osofisan’s  Personal Life:

While Femi Osofisan maintains a private life, he is married to Nike Osofisan, a trailblazing Professor of Computer Science and the first Nigerian female to study the discipline in a Nigerian university.


Osofisan’s literary contributions include plays like “Once Upon Four Robbers,” “Twingle-Twangle A-Twynning Tayle,” and novels such as “Who’s Afraid of Solarin?” and “Women of Owu.” His commitment to gender representation is evident in his portrayal of women as strong, conscious individuals navigating societal expectations.

Awards and Nominations:

Femi Osofisan’s illustrious career has been adorned with awards, including the ANA literature award, the WNBS Prize for Independence Anniversary Essay, and the 2016 Thalia Prize from the International Association of Theatre Critics.


  1. How many plays has Femi Osofisan written? Femi Osofisan has written and produced over 60 plays during his prolific career.
  2. What awards has he received? Osofisan has received numerous awards, including the ANA literature award, WNBS Prize, and the 2016 Thalia Prize.
  3. Is Femi Osofisan active on social media? Yes, you can find him on Instagram as @femiosofisan.


Babafemi Adeyemi Osofisan’s journey from Erunwon to global acclaim is a testament to his unparalleled contributions to African literature. As a playwright, poet, and academic, Osofisan’s impact transcends borders, leaving an indelible mark on the world of literature. Explore his works, delve into his thought-provoking narratives, and witness the legacy of a literary maestro unfold.