Fews Hours After Marriage Proposal – Netizens Dig Out Old Post Of Peggy Ovire Saying Igbo Men Are The Most Unromantic Men On Earth

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The Igbo guys are the least romantic men in the world, the actress Peggy Ovire claimed in an old blog post, and cybernauts have confirmed this after the post was dredged up.

This post is coming out after some hours she was proposed to by her colleague, actor Freddie Leonard, who is from Anambra State.

She currently has a fantastic fiancé named Freddie who was born in Anambra, and Nigerians haven’t shied away from bringing up what she said about Igbo guys two years ago.

She wrote

“Igbo Men are the Most Unromantic Set of Men in the World. Am in my House, come & beat Me.”

See the screenshot below: