“Flaunting your relationship online causes it to end quickly” _ Yvonne Nelson Advises

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Yvonne Nelson, the Nollywoood actress, has claimed that flaunting a romance on social media causes it to end rapidly. This was revealed by the actress via her Twitter account.

Yvonne Nelson is doing well in the profession and has accomplished a lot for herself. She is one of the most attractive actors in the business. She is currently building a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

She advised keeping your relationship hidden in order for it to survive longer. This has sparked a flurry of online emotions, with many of her followers, coworkers, and friends flocking to her page to express their thoughts.

Some argue that she is correct in not posting a relationship on social media in order to avoid heartbreak and unwanted attention.

Some people stated Even if you publicize your relationship, it may survive longer depending on your partner.

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