Former Inmate Fulfils Promise By Buying Car For His Son After 18 Years In Jail (Video)

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An African American dad has bought a car for his eldest son who is 18 years old, less than one year after he (father) got released from jail.

The man had reportedly been imprisoned almost two decades years ago, when the boy was just six months old.

His baby mama, named Kalita shared the heartwarming story on Twitter alongside a video of the moment the man arrived home with the new car for his son.

She revealed that her baby daddy worked multiple jobs to be able to afford the ride, pay off his parole and probation fees.

Kalita wrote;

”My oldest son dad been locked up since he was six months old my son is now 18. His dad has been home for almost a year now, when he first got home he promised he would buy my son his first car.

He made me promise that I would not intervene and allow him the time to get my son a car I agreed very reluctantly. If you know me and my kids you know they are spoiled and I’m OK with that but I wanted to give this man that opportunity.

My son father has worked two jobs, paid off his parole and probation fees, got on his feet, and after driving for a day and a half stops included he will be here in 30 minutes with my son’s first car. It does my heart a lot of good to know that he kept his promise.”

Watch the video below: