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In the vibrant tapestry of Nigeria’s film industry, Nollywood, Francis Agu’s name resonates as a revered actor whose talent and charisma left an indelible mark. Born on February 18, 1965, in Lagos, Nigeria, to Mr. Fidelis and Mrs. Virginia Agu, Francis emerged as the seventh child in a family of eight. Raised in the enriching embrace of an Igbo Catholic household, he was instilled with a sense of responsibility, actively participating as an altar boy and lector at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, Yaba, Lagos.

Francis Agu’s  Education:

Francis’s educational journey began at Ladi-Lak Institute Alagomeji, Ebute-Metta, Lagos, for his elementary schooling, followed by St. Finbarr’s College, Lagos, for his high school education. His academic pursuits culminated at the University of Lagos (Unilag), where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication.

Francis Agu’s  Early Career and Breakthrough:

In 1992, Francis entered the Nollywood scene, marking the beginning of a remarkable career. His breakthrough role came in the blockbuster movie “Living in Bondage,” where he portrayed the character of Ichie Millionaire, a role that catapulted him to stardom.

Francis Agu’s  Filmography:

Over the course of his career, Francis Agu graced the silver screen in more than 100 movies. Notable among them are “Trials of Brother Jero” and “The Gods Are Not to Blame,” both adaptations of literary works. His diverse roles in popular productions like “Checkmate,” “Amaka Igwe TV series,” and “Blood Money” showcased his versatility and contributed to the industry’s growth.

Production Ventures:

Beyond acting, Francis ventured into movie production, giving birth to his first film, “Jezebel,” in 1994. Subsequent productions included “Love and Pride,” “Body and Soul,” “A Divine Call,” “The Boy is Mine,” and “Name of the Father.”

The Untimely Passing:

Tragically, Francis Agu fell seriously ill in October 2006, leading to his untimely demise on March 20, 2007, at the age of 42. His departure left a void in Nollywood, but his legacy lives on through his contributions to the industry.


Q1: What was Francis Agu’s breakthrough role? A1: Francis Agu gained prominence with his portrayal of Ichie Millionaire in the 1992 blockbuster “Living in Bondage.”

Q2: How many movies did Francis Agu feature in? A2: Francis Agu featured in over 100 movies, showcasing his versatility and talent in the Nollywood industry.

Q3: Did Francis Agu engage in movie production? A3: Yes, Francis Agu ventured into movie production, producing his first film, “Jezebel,” in 1994, and subsequently contributing to other productions.


Francis Agu’s journey from a Catholic altar boy to a celebrated actor and producer remains an inspiring chapter in Nollywood’s history. As we remember him on what would have been his 56th birthday, we pay tribute to the enduring legacy of a talent gone too soon but forever etched in the hearts of fans and the annals of Nigerian cinema.