Funke Caught Her Husband Getting A Bl0wjob From Another Lady’ – JJC Skillz’s Baby Mama Spills The Cause of Their Marriage Issue

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The drama surrounding Nollywood actress and filmmaker Funke Akindele’s marriage to Bello continues, as JJC Skillz’s child makes a shocking revelation regarding their marriage.

This comes following reports that the ex-music producer injured his son, Benito, who was hospitalized after publicizing his father’s marital issues on the internet.

Mella, the mother of JJC Skillz’s son, stated in a chat that Funke Akindele’s happy marriage is a myth when compared to the family’s strife.

Mella continued, “As a mother of twins, I once discovered my husband having oral intercourse with a lady.”

Funke Akindele claims she spotted JJC Skillz, better known as Abdul Rasheed Bello, having a bl0w.job from another lady.

According to her:

“‘happy marriage pretence’ is a lie. Funke caught him getting a bl0wj.ob. The biggest problem here is that Abdul is a long time drug user who has constantly smoked dope in front of all his children which has been a long-standing dispute between us both. These children looks up to their father and follow his example. It’s been a big problem for me and his mother,”

See Screenshot below: