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Gabriel Afolayan, affectionately known as G-Fresh, is a multifaceted Nigerian talent who has left an indelible mark in both the film and music industries. Born on March 1st, 1985, in Lagos Island and raised in Ibadan, he has become a prominent figure, celebrated for his contributions to Nollywood and the Nigerian music scene. Join us as we delve into the remarkable journey of Gabriel Afolayan, exploring his early life, education, career highlights, and the numerous awards that adorn his illustrious career.

Gabriel Afolayan’s Early Life and Education:

Hailing from Kwara State, Agbamu, Irepodun Local Government Area, Gabriel’s journey began at Island Maternity, Lagos Island. Despite being born in Lagos, he spent his formative years in Ibadan, where he completed his primary, secondary, and university education. Gabriel’s passion for the arts led him to the University of Ibadan, where he pursued a degree in Theatre Arts. His thirst for knowledge and skill took him across the seas to the Identity Drama School in Brixton, London, where he further honed his craft in performing arts.

Gabriel Afolayan’s Career Beginnings:

Gabriel Afolayan made his acting debut in 1990 with the movie ‘F Opawon,’ written by the legendary Baba Sala. His breakthrough came with Tade Ogidan’s ‘Madam Dearest’ and the popular TV series ‘Super Story’ by Wale Adenuga. From that point forward, he graced the screen in various movies, earning accolades and nominations for his outstanding performances.

Movies and Series:

Gabriel’s filmography is a testament to his versatility, featuring a wide array of roles in notable productions. Some of his standout works include ‘Tatu,’ ‘Aramotu,’ ‘Ghetto Dreamz: The Dagrin Story,’ and ‘Okafor’s Law.’ His recent projects include ‘Blood Sisters,’ ‘Gold Statue,’ and ‘For Maria,’ showcasing his enduring impact on the Nigerian film industry.

Gabriel Afolayan’s Music Career:

Beyond acting, Gabriel Afolayan is a gifted musician. A member of his church choir, he found his voice as a backup singer at the Phoenix Studio, Ibadan, in 1997. His musical journey has produced singles and albums, with hits like ‘So Fine,’ ‘Amoke,’ and ‘Meta’ captivating audiences and earning him recognition in the music industry.

Awards and Nominations:

Gabriel Afolayan’s talent has not gone unnoticed, with a slew of awards and nominations to his name. From winning Best Actor in a Lead Role for ‘Ailatunse’ at the Best of Nollywood Awards to clinching the Best Actor accolade for ‘Hoodrush’ at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, his prowess has consistently been acknowledged by the industry.


  1. When was Gabriel Afolayan born?
    • Gabriel Afolayan was born on March 1st, 1985.
  2. Where did Gabriel Afolayan grow up?
    • He grew up in Ibadan, despite being born in Lagos.
  3. What did Gabriel Afolayan study at the University of Ibadan?
    • He studied Theatre Arts and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts.
  4. What is Gabriel Afolayan’s nickname?
    • He is affectionately known as G-Fresh.
  5. Has Gabriel Afolayan won any music awards?
    • Yes, he has won awards for his music, including Best Actor in a Lead Role – English for ‘Gold Statue’ at the Best of Nollywood Awards.


Gabriel Afolayan’s journey from a young talent in Ibadan to a celebrated figure in Nollywood and the music industry is nothing short of inspiring. His dedication to his craft, whether on the big screen or in the recording studio, has left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans across Nigeria and beyond. As he continues to captivate audiences with his performances and music, the future looks bright for the talented G-Fresh.