Ghanaian Man spends over N300k on his wife as a reward for being loyal (Video)

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A Ghanaian man lavished her with love and affection to thank her for never leaving him.

Nicholas, her lover, lavished her with some niceties in a single night, as seen in a video he shared on social media.

After taking her to a relaxing location and taking her to several restaurants, the two went to a wig shop so he could buy her a wig.

Nicholas displayed the bank alert on his phone, which revealed that he had given his wife nearly Ghc8,000 (roughly N342k) in one night as thanks for being a faithful wife.

@nick official96 shared the video on his TikTok page with the following caption:

“The love life of my wife and i #DINIC 22 #the story continues.”

Watch the video:


@nick_official96 The love life of my wife and i#DINIC 22 #the ♬ original sound – Nicholas