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Meet Dr. Gladys Ngetich, a trailblazing aerospace engineer born on March 27, 1991, in the picturesque Amalo Village, Kenya. From a humble family of nine, Gladys has risen to prominence through her remarkable achievements in academia, research, and her impactful contributions to empowering girls and women.

Dr. Gladys Ngetich’s Early Education:

Gladys embarked on her educational journey at Lelaibei Primary School in Olenguruone, setting the foundation for her academic excellence. Her thirst for knowledge led her to Mercy Girls’ Secondary School, and in 2013, she graduated from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering.

Rhodes Scholarship and Academic Pursuits:

In 2015, Gladys’s brilliance earned her a prestigious Rhodes Scholarship to pursue a Ph.D. in Engineering Science (Aerospace) at the University of Oxford. Her dedication to the field has led to collaborations with industry giant Rolls Royce Plc and a teaching role at Oriel College, where she imparts her knowledge to undergraduate engineering students.

Dr. Gladys Ngetich’s Career Highlights:

Gladys’s groundbreaking research has garnered attention, earning her features on BBC Science and the Oxford Science Blog and Medium. Simultaneously, she co-founded the ILUU, a non-profit foundation in Nairobi dedicated to inspiring girls and women.

Recognition and Awards:

Gladys’s commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. She was honored with the Tanenbaum Fellowship award in 2016 and recognized as a Skoll World Forum Fellow in 2018 for her impactful work in empowering women in Kenya. Her achievements were further underscored by the Young Engineer Turbo Expo Participation Award from the ASME IGTI in 2018, and she was named among the Top 40 Under 40 Women in Kenya by Business Daily Africa in September of the same year.

Sustainable Space Science Exploration:

In 2019, Gladys embarked on an exploration of sustainable space science, fueled by a Schmidt Science Fellowship. Her endeavors in this realm promise to contribute significantly to the advancement of aerospace engineering and sustainability.

Dr. Gladys Ngetich’s Personal Life:

While details about her family and relationships remain private, we do know that Gladys finds joy in Bongo dance music and Swahili hip-hop, showcasing the vibrant facets of her personality beyond the professional realm.

Dr. Gladys Ngetich’s Net Worth:

As an accomplished aerospace engineer, Gladys Ngetich’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, a testament to her success in the field.

Connect with Dr. Gladys Ngetich:

  • Instagram: @dr.gladysngetich
  • Twitter: @gladys_ngetich


  1. What inspired Gladys Ngetich to pursue a career in aerospace engineering? Gladys’s journey began with a passion for mechanical engineering, which later evolved into a fascination with aerospace engineering during her undergraduate studies.
  2. How can I support ILUU, the non-profit foundation co-founded by Gladys? To support ILUU’s mission of inspiring and empowering girls and women, you can visit their official website or reach out through their social media channels for donation and volunteer opportunities.
  3. Has Gladys Ngetich received any other notable awards for her contributions to engineering? Yes, in addition to the Tanenbaum Fellowship and Skoll World Forum Fellowship, Gladys received the Young Engineer Turbo Expo Participation Award and was recognized among the Top 40 Under 40 Women in Kenya.


Dr. Gladys Ngetich’s journey from Amalo Village to the forefront of aerospace engineering is an inspiration to aspiring engineers and advocates for gender equality. Her commitment to education, research, and empowering others has left an indelible mark, positioning her as a beacon of success in her field.