Groovy is Grooving the Show; Moments He Gets Intimate with Phyna and Chomzy During After the Origin Night Part (Vidoes)

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BBNaija level up housemate Groovy, who was the first contestant introduce into the house seems to be grooving all female housemates that comes his way it was captured during the Origin Saturday Night Party.

After causing the rift between Phyna and Chioma, who are close friends, he has decided to settle for Phyna. 

Groovy, who was part of the reason BBNaija Beauty was disqualified, is about to cause another drama in the level-up houses as Chomzy, Ilebaye, Chioma, and Phyna are interested in him.

Below are intimate times Groovy shared with the Chioma, Ilebaye, Phyna and Chomzy:




What do you think about Groovy and all the attention he is getting in the level-up houses. Is this guy that handsome and do you think he will later choose between Chomzy and Phyna as he promised Ilebaye?