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In the heart of Ghana, in the picturesque town of Bolgatanga, emerged a woman destined for greatness. Hamamat Montia, born and raised in this vibrant community, is not only a former beauty queen but a resilient entrepreneur with a compelling story that has inspired many across the globe.

Hamamat Montia’s Early Life and Career:

Growing up in a family deeply rooted in business acumen, Hamamat’s journey began at Achimota School, where she honed not only her intellect but also her passion for the beauty industry. Her foray into the world of modeling saw her crowned Miss Malaika in 2016 and recognized as a model of Africa in 2017, catapulting her into the spotlight.

However, Hamamat’s aspirations went beyond the runway. She transitioned from modeling to entrepreneurship, venturing into the production of handmade beauty products. Two of her standout creations are the Golden Shea Butter, known for its diverse benefits such as healing wounds and soothing dry skin, and the Safari Shea Butter, boasting anti-inflammatory properties suitable for various ailments.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:

Hamamat’s commitment to her craft extends beyond product creation. She has established a Museum, Village Market, and Spa, providing visitors with an immersive experience into the journey of skin and hair growth through the use of her natural products. Additionally, her website features the powerful Neemsa Healing Herbs, sourced from the revered Neem tree, offering traditional remedies to a global audience.

The entrepreneur’s mission goes beyond commerce; it is rooted in community development. Hamamat aims to create local employment opportunities while preserving the ancient culture of her village.

Hamamat Montia’s Personal Triumphs and Controversies:

Hamamat’s life journey has not been without challenges. Accusations of stealing a valuable car worth $350,000 led her to court. However, she vehemently defended herself, revealing the tumultuous nature of her previous relationship. Eventually, the truth prevailed, and Hamamat emerged unscathed, her strength and resilience shining through.

Despite her personal struggles, Hamamat embraces her role as a mother. Blessed with three children, two girls, and a boy, she navigates the complexities of single motherhood with grace and determination.

Hamamat Montia’s Net Worth and Social Impact:

Hamamat Montia stands as one of Ghana’s most successful and influential figures, with an estimated net worth of $5 million. Beyond financial success, her impact resonates through her online presence, where she motivates and encourages others. Her social media handles, including Instagram (@iamhamamat) and Twitter (@iamHAMAMAT), serve as platforms for inspiration and empowerment.


Q1: How did Hamamat Montia transition from modeling to entrepreneurship? A: Inspired by her roots and a desire to create natural beauty products, Hamamat ventured into entrepreneurship, producing the renowned Golden Shea Butter and Safari Shea Butter.

Q2: What challenges did Hamamat face in her personal life? A: Hamamat faced legal challenges related to accusations of car theft, which she attributed to a tumultuous relationship. However, she emerged victorious, proving her innocence.

Q3: What is Hamamat’s net worth? A: Hamamat Montia’s net worth is estimated at $5 million, reflecting her success as an entrepreneur and influencer.


Hamamat Montia’s journey is one of resilience, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. Her story serves as an inspiration to many, proving that with determination, one can overcome adversity and create a meaningful impact on both personal and community levels.