Hania Amir biography, Wikipedia age and career

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Hania Amir biography, Wikipedia age and career

Hania Amir, born on February 12, 1997, is a prominent Pakistani actress recognized for her versatile roles in Urdu television and films. Her journey into the world of acting began with the comedy film “Janaan” in 2016, marking her debut and earning her a Lux Style Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Her subsequent television ventures, like the role of the beauty-obsessed unfaithful wife Titli in 2017, and her appearance as the girl-next-door in “Visaal” (2018), did not propel her career as expected.

Hania Amir: Pakistan’s Rising Star

Hania Amir was born in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan, to a father from Murree and a Hindkowan mother. She received her early education in her hometown and holds a degree in Graphic Designing.


Her acting journey took off with the 2016 film “Janaan,” where she portrayed Palwasha, a supporting character alongside Armeena Khan and Bilal Ashraf. The film achieved commercial success, and Hania’s performance earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the Lux Style Awards.

Hania Amir Wikipedia

In 2017, Hania made her television debut with the drama serial “Titli,” where she portrayed the titular role of a beauty-obsessed unfaithful wife. The serial garnered critical acclaim, and Hania’s acting skills were highly praised.

Hania Amir biography

In 2018, she starred in the drama serial “Visaal” alongside Zahid Ahmed, playing the role of a girl-next-door character. The serial achieved commercial success, and Hania’s performance resonated with the audience.


Hania Amir continued her success with roles in several hit drama serials, including “Anaa” (2019), “Dilruba” (2020), and “Mere Humsafar” (2021). She also made appearances in films such as “Parwaz Hay Junoon” (2018) and “Na Maloom Afraad 2” (2021).


Today, Hania Amir stands as one of Pakistan’s most popular actresses, celebrated for her beauty, talent, and charming personality. She serves as a role model for many young individuals and an inspiration to women across the nation.


Among Hania Amir’s notable achievements are her status as one of Pakistan’s most beloved actresses, numerous awards for her acting, including the Hum Award for Best Actress for her role in “Anaa,” and her role as a role model for youth and women alike.


Hania Amir’s star continues to rise in the Pakistani entertainment industry. As a talented and versatile actress, her future in the spotlight looks exceedingly bright.

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