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In the vibrant city of Lagos, Helen Paul’s journey through life has been a tapestry of joy, challenges, and immense success. From her early years surrounded by her mom and grandma to becoming a household name in the Nigerian entertainment industry, Helen’s story is one of resilience and passion.

Childhood and Early Years:

Helen’s childhood in Lagos was marked by engaging gatherings with friends and neighbors. Despite the “ups and downs” of her upbringing, she found solace in the world of entertainment. Graduating from the University of Lagos with a degree in Theater Arts, Helen’s journey into the media industry began, leaving an indelible mark at various reputable media houses.

Helen Paul’s Media Experience:

Her diverse media experience includes roles as a presenter on popular shows such as M-Net Africa Magic’s “JARA” and her breakthrough as the witty character “Tatafo” on Radio Continental. Helen’s comedic prowess shone through, earning her a significant following.

Comedy and Music:

Helen’s foray into comedy started during her undergraduate days, where an unexpected opportunity thrust her onto the stage, earning her accolades from a surprised audience. She further expanded her creative pursuits by releasing her debut album, “Welcome Party.” Additionally, her work at Eko Reelmix Studios and collaborations with renowned artists showcased her versatility in the entertainment industry.

Helen Paul’s Entrepreneurship:

Beyond entertainment, Helen ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing “Huge Fabrics and Bridals” in 2012. The success of her boutique paved the way for the Helen Paul Theater and Film Academy, a multi-million naira project equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to nurture aspiring talents in various fields.

Ambassadorial Roles:

Helen’s star continued to rise as she earned ambassadorial roles with prominent brands such as Glo and Harpic. Her influence extended to endorsements from GoTV and Olumide Emmanuel’s “School of Money,” solidifying her status as a sought-after personality.

Radio and Awards:

Currently hosting two radio programs, “Tatafo Gist” on Naija FM and “Comedy Drive Time With Tatafo” on Metro FM, Helen discusses trending cultural issues in her unique comedic style. Her talent has garnered numerous awards, recognizing her contributions to comedy and television hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: How did Helen Paul start her journey in comedy? A: Helen’s first professional performance happened unexpectedly during her undergraduate years when she replaced a comedian who failed to show up at an event.

Q2: What inspired Helen to open the Helen Paul Theater and Film Academy? A: Helen’s dream of contributing to the entertainment industry’s development and education led to the establishment of the academy, offering courses in cinematography, acting, video editing, and more.

Q3: Which brands has Helen Paul been an ambassador for? A: Helen has served as an ambassador for Glo, Harpic, GoTV, and Olumide Emmanuel’s “School of Money,” among others.


Helen Paul’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and determination. From her humble beginnings to becoming a multifaceted entertainer and successful entrepreneur, Helen continues to inspire and leave an indelible mark on the Nigerian entertainment landscape. Follow her on Instagram (@itshelenpaul) and Twitter (@itshelenpaul) for more glimpses into her dynamic world.