How Desmond Elliot Cheated on His Wife with Lydia Forson – Cutie Bloggers Reveals

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Desmond Elliot, an actor and politician, is accused of cheating on his wife with Lydia Forson, a colleague in the film industry.

Cutie Juls, an Instagram investigative writer, has dropped a bomb on Desmond Elliot’s marital life, revealing that he used to cheat on his current wife with Lydia Fprson, causing his wife a lot of grief.

Lydia Forson, according to Cutie Juls, used to stay in the best hotels whenever she visited Desmond in Nigeria, all of which were paid for by Desmond.

According to Curtie:

“No harsh feelings, but it crushes my heart to think Lydia Forson was sponsored to Obodoyinbo multiple times and slept in the best hotels when she visited Desmond in Nigeria, only to see this shoe la pepe as one of Desmond’s loving wife’s good shoes on the gram.

Men, please as you are spending on the side chics, please kindly spend on your wives too.

Desmond’s wife has been through a lot in the hands of her husband’s side chics. Especially that experience of catching her beloved husband in bed with Lydia that time. Damn!

But thank God for his mercies. Oga Desmond, if you hurt this woman again, we online in-laws won’t forgive you.

Merry Christmas lovelies”

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