“Huge Trouble Is Coming” – TB Joshua Says

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Nigerian charismatic pastor, televangelist, philanthropist and leader/founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, Pastor TB Joshua has said that a Huge trouble is coming and no human being will withstand it unless you don’t have a hand in that trouble

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During a sermon on Sunday, he made reference to a 2014 prophecy video he made about Nigeria.

He said;


“Beyond this crisis, Nigeria is beautiful,”

“Your prayer now is that you should witness it so that this crisis will not take you away,” the cleric soberly declared during a service at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN).

“It is decreed that this nation will be reckoned with as a powerful nation.”

He also spoke about the current crisis in the country.

He said;

“Huge trouble is coming, and no human being will withstand it unless you don’t have a hand in that trouble. There is a cloud that covers Nigeria… the cloud of crisis, murder, killings, destruction covers Nigeria. The cloud will go; Nigeria will remain. Power without peace is powerless…The manner you have that power will determine whether there will be peace in it.

“The power is in the heart, not in the gun, not in the White House or Aso Rock. If you live in the White House without power in the heart, it is like you live in the bush. I want to assure you: Nigeria – nothing will happen to Nigeria. Nigeria will remain one!”

“They have infiltrated everywhere. There is no section or department in this country that these people are not there. It has become a professional job. No one is secured by power and might and gun that they cannot get unless those whom God protects – because they have infiltrated everywhere. They are no more inside the bush; they are everywhere.”

“There will be an answer if they can pay the price; by putting their political agenda behind and discuss the unity of this nation.

“Quote me once again – security, police, guns, soldiers cannot protect anyone again because everywhere is infiltrated”.

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