I Am A Born Cheater, Until A Man Puts A Ring On My Finger I Can’t Stop Cheating – Nkechi Blessing

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Nkechi Blessing, a Nollywood actress, has sparked outrage on social media after describing herself as a natural cheater and playgirl.

She stated that she does not owe any man loyalty until she marries him. During a recent live session, she stated this.

She stated that marriage is the only thing that can make her stay faithful to a man, and she will not stop cheating until a man places a ring on her finger.

In the post which was also shared by Instablog, she said,

“I’m single until I am married. Until a man puts a ring on my finger before I can stop cheating. I am a born cheater, a playgirl.”

Members of the public had different reactions to her statement, with some advising her to be careful what she writes online because the internet never forgets, and some of what we say online may come back to haunt us in the future.

The actress recently made headlines after splitting from her boyfriend, Opeyemi Falegan, amid concerns ranging from adultery, dishonesty, and miscommunication.

See Her Post below: