I Begged You Not To Leave Me Because My Nyầs,h Will Get Bigger But You Didn’t Listen”- Lady Shades Her Ex-boyfriend (watch video)

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Many social media users couldn’t keep silent after seeing a young Ghanaian lady, probably between the ages of 20 and 25, record herself on camera sending a message to her ex-boyfriend.

Because she didn’t have a big backside, this lady’s boyfriend apparently dumped her for another woman. He didn’t listen when she told him she was going to get a big backside.

But now that she has a large backside, she wants him to know that patience was exactly what he needed.

It’s unclear how this lady got her enormous buttocks, but she appears to be very happy with them.

In her blog post, she stated, “I begged you not to leave me and that I would get some flesh on my body, but you didn’t listen.” She then twerked with her buttocks to the camera.

Following the viewing of this video, some social media users stated that this is what the majority of women in this generation believe. They believed that all a man required was a woman with a large backside and breasts.

Others speculated that the young lady underwent butt enlargement surgery in order to make her ex-boyfriend jealous.

Watch the Video Below: