“I Can Marry 25 Wives If I Like”- Yul Edochie Finally Breaks Silence On His Second Marriage (VIDEO)

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Yul Edochie, a Nollywood actor and presidential candidate, has finally speak out about what lead to his second marriage to a colleague, Judy Austin.

On May 11, Yul Edochie declared his intention to speak out about his marital problems.

Following his announced plan to marry Judy Austin, with whom he also revealed he has a son, there appears to be a crisis in Yul Edochie and his wife, May Edochie’s marriage.

Yul Edochie announced his plans for a tell-all on his Instagram account.

“Silence is good. But it’s certainly not always the best answer. It has gotten to the point where I’ll speak”.

Yul Edochie kept his word and addressed his family issue on Instagram.

The producer and director advised Nigerians to focus on family matters, claiming that he has the legal right to marry as many wives as he desires.


People should devote their energy to meaningful things happening in the country, he claims, because it is his life and business.

Yul Edochie emphasized that politicians do not take citizens seriously because they do not focus their efforts on pressing issues in the country, such as the naira’s depreciation.

Yul Edochie said, “Though a lot of people said I should be silent but I wouldn’t. For the past two weeks, people have been discussing the issue, the whole polygamy, me marry a second wife, we broke the internet. It is my life, I have the right to wake up in the morning to marry 25 women. If I like, you can make it up to 50, it’s not your business, it’s my life. The energy you all are channeling into my personal issues that’s why the politician don’t take Nigerians serious. We have many issues in the country, yet we don’t chanel our energy on that. I have owned up to my mistake yet you bash me. There are men who have children from different women”.

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