I Featured Davido Because I love His Style of Music — Tanzanian singer, Dayna Nyange

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A Tanzanian singer and songwriter, Dayna Nyange, has said she decided to feature Davido on her new song, ‘Elo’, because she loved his style of music and the energy he infuses into all he does.

Nyange, who is signed to 3rd Base Media Company said, “I am a fan of Davido’s music and I felt he was the best person I could work with on this particular song. At the end of the day, I was not disappointed because he delivered well. I am sure that our fans would fall in love with the song.”

The East African singer, whose songs include ‘Nivute Kwako’, ‘Angejua Chovya’, ‘Sale Sale’, ‘Saloma’ and ‘Mimi Na Wewe’, also advocated for more collaborations between African artistes. She added, “I think it would be a good idea for African artistes to collaborate more. Through music, I believe we can unite Africa.”


VIDEO | Dayna Nyange - Salama - DJ Mwanga

Also known as the Dragon Queen, Nyange, whose fans are known as the ‘Dragon clan’, said she was optimistic that the new song would be one of the biggest tracks out of Africa this year.

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