“I Once Vowed Not To Have Anything To Do With Igbo Girls, But Ended Up Marrying One” — Actor, Nosa Rex Shares His Love Story

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Nosa Rex Okunzuwa, aka Babarex, a Nollywood actress, has said that he previously promised not to date Igbo girls but ended up marrying one.

He shared this in a recent Instagram live session with Vanguard.

In the conversation, the father of three children discussed why he started making skits and the problems that come with the job, his father’s death, and what he taught him, his family, and the ladies in his life.

When asked about his love life before marriage, Nosa Rex confessed that he once said he wouldn’t date Igbo girls.

He did, however, marry an Igbo girl.

He said;

I was in a relationship before I met my wife, but the relationship was not stable. What attracted me to my wife was the fact that she believed in me from the outset.

When she met me, I wasn’t earning anything as an actor. I met her in 2013, and I joined Nollywood in 2010. The only thing I had to my name then was the City People award, which I won in 2013 as a new actor.

I don’t know what gave her the courage to believe in me, even though I had a strong passion for entertainment. She saw the drive in me and knew that I would make it some day. She won my heart with her patience and sincerity.

When I saw her sincerity, I decided to end another relationship I was involved in. Interestingly, she’s the only Igbo girl I have dated in my life. I was the one who said that I wouldn’t have anything to do with Igbo girls, but I ended up marrying an Igbo girl.

On his wife seeing women around him, he said;


“God blessed me with my wife. She’s a very understanding woman. Sometimes, I wonder if there is any woman that would understand me the way my wife understands me.

She was supposed to be the first problem I would have had in this journey. But she’s even the one that always recommend the ladies I should feature in my comedy series.

In fact, before I put any content out there, my wife would be the first person to see that content. And she understands that this is a hustle for me. So, whenever I bring any woman close to me, she has to be in the know.”