I Will Not Stop Acting P^rn Until I Have Made Billions – Nigerian Adult Film Actress, Afro Candy

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In an exclusive Instagram interview with Vanguard Entertainment Journalist, US-based Nigerian Adult film actress and singer, Judith Chichi Okpara, well known as Afro Candy, revealed that she will not leave the adult film industry until she has made billions.

Afro Candy, 49, stated in the interview that she will not stop producing p0rnographic content until she has made billions of dollars. She stated that she had something to strike and that after she has done so, she will leave.

She noted that her body is still young, but that if it begins to diminish, she would cease producing p0rnographic stuff.

In her words,

I am not going to do p^rn forever. I have something I want to strike. Once I strike it, I will stop. Once I make the billions, I mean billions of dollars.

Once I strike that something, I will stop and my body is still fresh now. Maybe when my body starts shrinking, I will stop.

Afro Candy appears to be determined to make a fortune in the adult film industry. She wants to become a billionaire through her business, and the only thing that can stand in her way is if her body tells her it’s time.

See Screenshoot of the report below: