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Ice Prince, a prominent Nigerian rapper and songwriter, has carved a remarkable path in the music industry. Born in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria, he later moved to Jos, Plateau State, where his musical journey began. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Ice Prince’s early life, his rise to fame, significant collaborations, personal life, and notable achievements.

Ice Prince’s Early Life and Musical Beginnings:

Ice Prince’s musical journey traces back to his time at St. Murumba College in Jos, where he began writing rap songs at the age of two. His passion for music led him to form the “ECOMOG Squad” in 2002, and later, in 2004, he joined forces with artists like M.I, Jesse Jagz, and others to create the renowned “Loopy Crew.”

Ice Prince’s Challenges and Breakthroughs:

Ice Prince’s early years were marked by financial constraints after the loss of his parents. Despite the hardships, he dropped out of university to focus on music, eventually moving to Lagos and forming a strong bond with MI and Jesse Jagz. In 2008, he hosted Sprite Triple Slam, a turning point that contributed to his growing recognition.

Chocolate City Record Deal:

Ice Prince’s affiliation with MI and Jesse Jagz played a pivotal role in securing a record deal with Chocolate City. The progression of their careers led to individual signings, with Ice Prince joining the label and subsequently making a significant impact on the Nigerian music scene.

Breakthrough Single – “Oleku”:

Ice Prince’s debut single, “Oleku,” released under Chocolate City, garnered widespread acclaim and marked the beginning of his chart-topping success. The track featured prominently in collaborations with various artists, solidifying Ice Prince’s position in the industry.

Album Releases and Independence:

Ice Prince’s albums, including “Everybody Loves Ice Prince” (2011), “Fire of Zamani” (2013), and “Jos to the World” (2016), showcase his evolution as an artist. In 2015, he began releasing singles from his third studio album, signifying his move to independence outside Chocolate City.

Ice Prince’s Personal Life:

Ice Prince’s personal life includes being a father to a son named Jamal, born to Bimbo Babatunde. In interviews, he has shared insights into his past relationships, including one with Eva Alordiah when he first moved to Lagos.

Discography and Awards:

Ice Prince’s impressive discography includes albums, EPs, and collaboration tracks with notable artists. His accolades range from winning the Hennessy Artistry competition in 2009 to receiving awards for Best Rap Album, Best Male Hip Hop Artist, and several others.

Movies and Achievements:

Beyond music, Ice Prince has ventured into movies, starring in “House of Gold” (2013) and featuring in “Shuga” Season 3 (2013). His achievements include winning the Best International Act: Africa at the BET Awards in 2013 and multiple wins at prestigious Nigerian award ceremonies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. How did Ice Prince start his musical career? Ice Prince began writing rap songs at a young age, forming the “ECOMOG Squad” in 2002 and later joining the “Loopy Crew.”
  2. What is the significance of the album title “Everybody Loves Ice Prince”? The title reflects the overwhelming support and love Ice Prince received from fans worldwide, especially after the loss of his mother.
  3. When did Ice Prince sign with Chocolate City? Ice Prince signed with Chocolate City after the label signed MI and Jesse Jagz, solidifying their musical collaboration.
  4. Tell us about Ice Prince’s breakthrough single, “Oleku.” “Oleku” is Ice Prince’s debut single, released under Chocolate City, and it received widespread acclaim, becoming a chart-topping success.
  5. How has Ice Prince contributed to the Nigerian music scene? Ice Prince’s contributions include numerous collaborations, chart-topping singles, and a significant impact on the growth and recognition of Nigerian hip-hop.


Ice Prince’s journey from Jos to the global music scene is a testament to his resilience, talent, and the love he has garnered throughout his career. His story continues to inspire aspiring artists and fans alike.