If I Catch You, You Go Sweat Inside Winter – Funke Akindele Threatens The Man Who Drew Her This Way

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Actress Funke Akindele has promised to deal with a man who produced a bad drawing of her, claiming that if she catches him, he will sweat in the winter.

Funke Akindele provided the photo the person used for the sketch as well as the sketch he was able to create from it, and it’s terrible because no one would appreciate what he accomplished because it doesn’t look anything like the photo he used for the sketch.

When Funke Akindele reacts to this, he says that when he calls for this guy’s arrest, people will say that she’s using her fame status to scare him, and he asks whether they believe what he’s done, claiming it’s a sketch of her, is true.

She then threatened him, stating that if she caught him, he’d be sweating inside all winter because what he’d created was nothing to commend or appreciate because it wasn’t even near to the photo or actual image of the person he drew.

It’s one thing if this guy drew Funke Akindele like this for the sake of amusement, but if it turns out he thinks he did an excellent job and deserves to be recognized, then he has a serious problem because this drawing is terrible.

See photo below;