If You Can’t Defend Your Wife Like Will Smith, Don’t Marry Her – Ruth Kadiri To Men

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Actress Ruth Kadiri has encouraged men not to marry if they are unable to defend their ladies in public, as Will Smith did for Jada Pinkett Smith.

Some agree, while others disagree, with what Will Smith did to Chris Rock for making fun of his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s medical situation, which has forced her to remove her hair, but Ruth Kadiri believes it is correct.

According to her, any guy who cannot defend his wife as Will Smith did should not marry her, and those who criticize his conduct should go and advise the police about brutality and Puttin about war, since you talk about her anyway, and you collect.

As Rudeboy stated, this has opened floodgates for most celebs since they would simply copy and paste what Will Smith did if you comment about them or their family in any way, and I’m guessing Ruth Kadiri is on the same track.

Even though Will Smith should have been able to control himself at the time, the agony he saw in his wife’s eyes, knowing how she suffers in private as a result of it, triggered that, and the love he has for her blocked his head to the point where he couldn’t think.

screenshot below;