‘If you people don’t like these my pics nobody’s son will find you o’ – Tiwa Savage Tells Her Fans After Going Through Hell To Take Them

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Tiwa Savage has threatened her followers, saying that if they don’t like her photographs taken near a waterfall in Ghana, no one’s son will find them.


Tiwa Savage thanked content curators on social media, saying God bless them after she went through hell only to snap a few photographs, which she believed would be a fast thing for them to do and then go back to.


However, it turned out to be more stressful than she had anticipated after travelling for 6 hours and losing their way to the waterfall; when they eventually found their way, there was no food or drink for them; and, unhappily for her, she had a muscle strain on her leg while traveling.

When they eventually located the waterfall, she discovered there was no suitable spot to urinate, and it began to rain, making the temperature bitterly cold. On top of that, they had to climb 250 stairs only to snap the photographs and then return.

According to her:

“After 6 hours drive, missing the road, finally finding the road, no food or drinks, muscle pull on my leg, no where decent to pee, it starts pouring down with rain. Water was freezing cold. We had to climb 250 steps to get to the bottom and back up again … JUST TO TAKE A PIC

If you people don’t like these my pics nobody’s son will find you o”

See Pictures below: