INSECURITY: Oba Gbadebo Adedeji Calls For Use Of African ‘Juju’ To End Crisis And Killings In Nigeria

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Oba Gbadebo Adedeji, Owa Ooye of Okemesi of Ekiti has suggested that going back to the traditional powers popularly known as “African Juju’ is the best solution to curb the current kidnapings in the country.

Okemesi, A Tourist Goldmine In Ekiti, Says Monarch – Independent Newspapers  Nigeria

He said:


“Attacks on traditional rulers are becoming too disturbing. How can bandits be kidnapping or shooting a traditional ruler dead just like that?

”I believe that going traditional will curb these senseless killings and therefore not out of place.

“In the days of the old, there were wars, and we had unique ways of fighting them and winning. Some people don’t believe in it, because new found religions have taken over and reduced our faith in traditional power.

“Some traditional rulers say they can’t use charms to protect themselves, this is hypocrisy.

“We are custodians of tradition and not wasters. Why are we running away from our tradition? How can an Oba be killed or kidnapped like a chicken? I find it appalling and difficult to believe.

“It is not only the Obas, all of us must work hard to protect ourselves. Our forebears believed in God.

“When did this insecurity start? Obas must get involved in the tradition. Now I am happy that a lot of people are going back to that time of the old to defend themselves,”

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